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Saree - A Treasure for Generations!

Saree - A Treasure for Generations!

It was a sunny day at Coimbatore and we went to the college for a quick meeting and my grandmother - nanama came along and she was sitting around the corner in the college were most of us hang out.

I came by once the meeting was over and walked to the car.

Nanama : Why are girls dressed same, most of it looks alike?

Me : It should be from the same brand.

Nanama : ohhhh mass manufactured garment ?

Me : Absolutely

Nanama : In those days there were no mass manufactured garment, we used to design each one.

Me : It should be painstaking process loads of work and energy?

Nanama : (Laughing ironically) It reflected personal style and taste, everyone will look beautiful and unique, nothing was mass manufactured.
We in those days used to do embroidery and patterns , we experimented a lot and kept our curiosity running.
Just not jumping into a piece of clothing and running. There were personal details and so much art into it.
Just like how the smell of a person is unique, dressing was the same.
It portrayed the persona.

We selected the Materials matched with contrast fabrics.
Got it tailored and every dress had a value since it was done with so much involvement and love.
We had a happy dance if it came out well.
We were so happy if we got a compliment.

Me: Dressing meant a lot those days?
Nanam: Yes saami(how she calls me)
It reflected who you are it showed the grace and the poise

Yes. In Virupa every saree is not just hand picked, it is picked by heart.
Every single saree that captures our heart alone is sold.
People used to ask what is your USP and I used to tell
"I sell what I can wear ( good fabrics with durability)
Our Love for cotton and silk it eternal
and our quest for the purest fabric runs deep always".

Yesss investing in a saree is sustainable, because it can be passed on for generations.

I have a saree of my great great grandma and I'm proud of it.
Instead of searching for a low cost saree, try to invest in a quality material that might last long so that you can pass it on for generations.

We from Virupa guarantee sarees that can be transcended to generations.