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Studio Virupa - About Us!

Studio Virupa - About Us!

We are a team of two sisters – Aditya Rajsri and Adarsya Padmasri, born in an ancestral orthodox business family background. It was our very nature to involve in the business topics right from our childhood. Our vision is to grow deeper and broader in our passion of “Creating a brand to bring out sustainable fashion to limelight in this competitive fashion world”.

Aditya Rajsri graduated in Engineering from Kumaraguru College of Technology and Adarsya Padmasri from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. We started to curate Handloom sarees from Chettinad and Kanchi garnered with the inspiration from our mother and grandmother and the love they had towards Chettinad cottons, the comfort it provided and the quality combined with the length and width of the saree. They have worn them for decades and so goes our love for the sarees.

By curating and merchandising our sarees with true passion and great love while creatively combining blouse pieces, we are mostly preferred by our customers.

We love the different weaving technologies that go into each saree, and are appreciative of the weavers who give their best to create every single saree – one that’s none short of a master piece.

This journey has been a learning process while enjoying the creative field. We look forward to launching more collections at our studio in the near future.

Virupa is our first step, the Black and White Vision of colouring your world.