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tips to consider before buying saree

5 Tips to Consider Before Buying Saree

The saree, a captivating garment draped in tradition and elegance, holds a special place in the hearts of many. But venturing out to buy a saree, especially for first-timers, can be a daunting experience. With a multitude of fabrics, designs, and price points to consider, making the perfect choice can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This blog unveils 5 key tips to consider before buying a saree, empowering you to navigate the world of sarees with confidence. From understanding your body type to setting a budget, these tips will equip you to find a saree that not only complements your style but makes you feel truly beautiful.

The saree, a garment steeped in tradition and elegance, is a must-have in any wardrobe. But with endless varieties of fabrics, styles, and embellishments, choosing the perfect saree can feel overwhelming. Fear not, saree enthusiasts!

5 Key Tips to Consider Before Buying Saree

Here are 5 key tips to consider before you embark on your saree shopping spree:

1. Know Your Occasion

First things first, identify the occasion you're buying for. Is it a glamorous wedding reception, a festive Diwali celebration, a formal work event, or a casual brunch? Sarees come in a spectrum of weights and formalities. Lighter fabrics like chiffon or georgette are ideal for daytime events, while silks and brocades exude grandeur for special occasions.

2. Fabric Fantastic

Fabric choice is crucial! Cotton sarees are comfortable and perfect for everyday wear or summer events. Silk sarees offer a luxurious drape and are ideal for festive or formal occasions. Consider georgette for its flowy nature and chiffon for a lighter feel. Explore blended fabrics too, like cotton silk, for a balance of comfort and elegance.

3. Silhouette Secrets

Understanding your body shape is key to finding a flattering saree. Here's a quick guide:

  • Pear-shaped: Opt for sarees with vertical prints or stripes and well-defined borders to balance your proportions.
  • Apple-shaped: Empire waist blouses and sarees with lighter fabrics will help create a more streamlined silhouette.
  • Hourglass-shaped: You can rock almost any style! Experiment with sarees that accentuate your curves.
  • Petite: Smaller prints, lighter fabrics, and vertical borders can create an illusion of height.
body types

4. Budget Bliss

Sarees can range from budget-friendly to heirloom investments. Set a realistic budget before you shop to avoid impulse purchases. Remember, quality fabrics and intricate work will naturally cost more.

5. The Power of Prints and Embellishments

Plain sarees offer versatility, but prints and embellishments can add personality. Choose bold prints or embroidery for festive occasions, or opt for subtler work for everyday wear. Remember, balance is key! If your saree has a heavy border, keep the blouse and jewellery simpler.

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So, unleash your inner fashionista and embrace the transformative power of accessories! With the guidance provided here, you'll be well on your way to styling your plain sarees for every event, from a casual day out to a glamorous evening soiree. Remember, the key lies in understanding the occasion, experimenting with different combinations, and, most importantly, expressing your unique style with confidence. Let your plain saree be the foundation for a masterpiece you create!

FAQs Related to Tips to Consider Before Buying Saree

1. What should I consider about the fabric before buying a saree?

When choosing a saree, consider the fabric based on the occasion and comfort. Cotton sarees are great for daily wear and hot climates, while silk sarees are ideal for weddings and special events. Chiffon and georgette sarees offer a lightweight, elegant drape suitable for formal occasions.

2. How important is the saree's colour in making a purchase?

Colour plays a crucial role in selecting a saree. Consider your skin tone and the occasion. Bright colours like red and blue are festive, while pastels and neutrals are versatile for various events. Ensure the colour complements your personal style and wardrobe.

3. What should I look for in the saree's design and pattern?

Look for designs and patterns that align with your preferences and the occasion. Traditional motifs like paisleys and florals are timeless, while geometric and abstract designs offer a modern touch. Also, consider the saree's border and pallu design, as these can significantly impact the overall look.

4. How do I choose the right blouse for my saree?

The blouse is a critical component of the saree's overall appearance. Ensure the blouse material matches or complements the saree. Pay attention to the fit and design—whether it's a traditional, embroidered blouse or a trendy, off-shoulder style. Custom tailoring can help achieve the perfect fit and look.

5. What should I consider regarding the saree's maintenance and care?

Before purchasing, consider the saree's maintenance requirements. Silk and heavily embroidered sarees often need dry cleaning, while cotton and synthetic sarees are easier to wash at home. Ensure you are willing and able to provide the necessary care to keep the saree in good condition.


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